BREEAM Certificate

BREEAM Certificate

BREEAM Certificate

Guarantee of a sustainable construction

BREEAM, Building Research Establishment’s Environmental Assessments Method, is internationally recognized as a method for determining sustainability in construction, infrastructures, and buildings.

With this certificate, PROINSERMANT sees one of its fundamental pillars recognized: innovation and technology through just one natural source responsible. Precisely, the PROINSERMANT quality seal evaluates the procedures, design, construction, and activity in the implementation development in front of a series of goals based on performance parameters.

From energy to ecology, factors such as durability and resiliency, being adapted to climate change, protection to biodiversity and a low environmental impact have let PROINSERMNAT got the BREEAM seal.

This is not only supposed to guarantee sustainability but also about luxury because the authenticity doesn’t come from the material but from the heritage the Earth provides. And there’s not the greatest luxury that knows that our activities cause a minimum impact on this heritage. The mínimum impact for living to the most.

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