BREEAM consultant

At PROINSERMANT we are BREEAM project consultants for the sustainable construction certificate.

We promote buildings that are healthier for their occupants, more efficient for those who build or manage them and more environmentally friendly.

Energy, water, pollution, health and wellbeing, materials, transport, waste, management, land use and ecology are the main blocks that this certification focuses on.

As a Breeam consultant, we can advise about the suitable systems for getting the highest environmental qualification


BREEAM building features

A BREEAM building makes proper use of local energy generation from renewable sources and lowers CO2 output.

Water and energy consumption control through auxiliary meters.

Installation of energy-saving taps and sanitary fittings.

Installation of rainwater and grey water recycling systems.

A design that allows adequate levels of acoustic and thermal comfort.

A healthy indoor environment thanks to adequate ventilation systems.

Reduction of local environment pollution through DHW systems, heating, and cooling with low or zero NOx emissions.