etiquetado profesional instalaciones

In technical installations, whether of cables or pipes, it is absolutely necessary that the components installed are correctly identified. Good labelling is therefore of vital importance. PROINSERMANT “leaves its mark” on the technical installations it carries out and is committed to professional labelling.

The correct identification of cables, pipes and systems allows a better understanding of the functional structure of the building. Labelling is essential in the workplace, especially in case of emergencies and maintenance work, as it reduces the risk of handling errors and facilitates interventions by after-sales technicians.

More than 40 years working on the technical installations of the best high-end  villas  in Marbella, Sotogrande and surrounding areas have allowed PROINSERMANT to use a labelling system that provides identification of the system to which they belong, the direction of flow and the location of joints, in the case of pipes. Meanwhile, the labelling on the wiring and switchboards makes it possible to easily identify the circuit and its elements in electrical networks, as well as in Smart Home and data distribution networks.

Professional labelling for a safer and more comfortable life

Thanks to the PROINSERMANT labelling system, every maintenance visit becomes a simpler task for the technicians and allows them to identify things more clearly, visibly and tidily. This reduces working times and resolves any incidents with minimal impact on users. Professional marking of the systems is of vital importance to avoid accidents among technical and domestic staff.

In short, having a PROINSERMANT labelling system in the technical installations ensures that customers enjoy a more efficient service. A way of safely guaranteeing the inhabitants of a property that they will be able to enjoy their home without any worries. The professional labelling of installations is the ideal complement to an exclusive 24 hour a day service every day of the year, preventive maintenance and troubleshooting and analysis of the state of the installations.

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