PRO app on iPad2
PRO app on iPad2
5 septiembre, 2016

One more step in home customization

Proinsermant’s after-sales service in the Apple Store collected their new tools and received training. These are essential for our after-sales service, which is always prepared to offer an immediate solution to any eventuality our clients may have.

The new tools are a number of iPad Air2 that will allow the team to carry out their tasks in perfect co-ordination. Above all, it is really significant to have a PRO Technical Service app, which means better customer service and provision of services to owners of the homes equipped by Proinsermant.

These new tools offer the possibility to share position and location, have technical information, books, pictures and spare parts videos available at the touch of a screen.

All these features let Proinsermant’s after sales-service team work more comfortably, efficiently and therefore, improve the service they offer to clients.

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