After-sales service

An after-sales service with a technical and customer service team motivated by the spirit of service that characterises us, available to customers and users of PROINSERMANT installations.

All our expertise and organisation geared towards the enjoyment of your home:

  • Preventive maintenance and troubleshooting.
  • Exclusive customer attention service 365/24.
  • Home energy consumption analysis.
  • Advice on contracting electricity from utility providers.
  • Analysis of the state of installations, updating, improvement of the energy efficiency of the home.
  • Technical advice and system installation for renovation and decorating projects.
  • Photovoltaic energy installation at home.
  •  “Digital Home Staging” control from mobile devices, voice assistants, spectacular indoor gardens and swimming pool lighting, home cinema design and installation, and indoor and outdoor audio.
  • Adaptation to the size of your project, from a simple change or repair job to comprehensive renovations.
After-sales service

Enjoy the convenience of having a single company to take care of all technical installations, and the peace of mind provided by PROINSERMANT’s professional after-sales service team with a great spirit of service.