Architects and promoters solutions

PROINSERMANT, a guarantee of
success in your projects.

Residences, single-family homes, singular buildings… What are you looking for? We have it!

Our wide experience and our acquired knowledge through the integration with the most exclusive architecture offices, make us the best partner in projects consulting. We can resolve all questions related to technical installations of your house design: water, air conditioning, renewable energies, lighting, audiovisuals, house automation control, and smart home…

At your project start, we can offer: construction plans, measurements, full budgeting for installations, memory and CTE sheets, as well as supplies availability certificates.

All needed for succeeding an agile presentation in a basic project, meant to process a building permit.

Once finished building work, we process a construction plan updating, buildings legalization, and register the building energy certificate.


BIM Methodology

A powerful tool for production and marketing. Quite detailed project information, workflows optimization, and better interaction with customers thanks to 3D presentations. All of our engineering projects are available for BIM methodology and in 2D modeling techniques of course.


In PROINSERMANT we are project assistants for sustainable construction BREEAM. Consult with us if you are interested in equipping this standard to some of your projects.



Complete equipment of reckoning and execution in work officially certified as Passivhaus TRADESPERSON; field engineers, plumbers, electricians, refrigerating engineers, well trained in Passivhaus production process and their respective job implementation.