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About us

At PROINSERMANT, our aim is to maximize comfort features through smart home technology, while minimizing the financial and environmental impact.

From water storage and supply to the most spectacular swimming pools and wellness areas; from a simple tap to advanced management controls, remote alerts, consumption reports, and supply cuts in  emergencies.

The electric and thermal energies of a smart home are applied efficiently  for the users’ comfort. We design and install safe distribution networks, using materials and machines with the best energy efficiency. You can even generate your own electricity with photovoltaic energy.

Solutions for

-- Consultancy, engineering projects, energy rating, energy efficiency --

Residences, single-family homes, singular buildings… What are you looking for? We have it!

The extensive experience and knowledge acquired through integration with the most exclusive architectural studios make our engineering the perfect partner in project consultancy. We can resolve all issues related to the technical installations of your house design: water, air conditioning, renewable energies, lighting, audio-visuals, house automation control, and smart home…

Solutions for
construction companies


Quality and coordination in the execution of installation work in homes, strict compliance with deadlines and work goals.

Swift communication that channels all queries related to the various technical housing installations through a single contact person.

In-house staff in all trades, from the engineering department to each one of the more than 150 site and technical service workers. The spirit of service is our main motivation.

Real estate

--Technical reports, property transactions --

We collaborate with your business facilitating the implementation and transparency in property transactions.

We write technical reports of housing installation work, evaluating its condition and functionality as well as the price of future maintenance  or updates.

As part of our real estate advisory services, we maintain the value and availability of real estate assets through our preventive maintenance and technical assistance services.


--Plumbing and hot water, swimming pools, home cinema / entertainment multipurpose rooms, lighting, air conditioning, renewable / photovoltaic energies.--

The comfort and full enjoyment of your home is the ultimate goal of our work.

Delivering installations in perfect condition, with user friendly handling adapted to the needs of the users, as well as maintaining their performance and functionality, means that you can relax completely and spend your time doing the things that are really important, like sharing the wonderful lifestyle that these homes offer with family and friends…

Smart home: custom control

From a smart home with a wall mechanism to remote control from smartphones and voice assistants, we adapt our service to all kinds of publics.

Current house automation control and IoT capacity of custom control of a smart home offer multiple configuration options, such as lighting system coordinated areas, air conditioning, and audiovisuals, as well as alerts and automated actions according to different events.

Smart home custom control includes information processing and storage for advanced technical control in water and electricity consumption in each system. It also controls photovoltaic energy production, breakdown analysis, and prevention or problem solutions with supply companies. PROINSERMANT’s comprehensive vision of technical and comfort needs, and its extensive experience and track record, represent the best guarantee of success for your smart home projects.

A reference in every detail

Why do construction companies and consumers choose us?

PROINSERMANT was founded in 1981 as a pioneering company in the installation of residential automation and control systems for highly demanding customers on the Costa del Sol.



PROINSERMANT is, above all, the knowledge and dedication of its workers. With a team of more than 150 members of highly experienced staff, it provides an immediate and coordinated response.



Excellence and expertise are, above all, a commitment we make to our customers: impeccable implementation and finishings. Strict compliance with deadlines, and much more!

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