Renovation projects

Currently, exist a great tendency of making renovation projects. Architechtonical and decorative preferences change depending on each customer’s preferences or market trends. However, a good location or ground orientation are values that last over years.

At PROINSERMANT we support you in your renovation projects and building restoration, caring for reckoning, designing, and every element installation related to technical installation and home technologies.

Renovation projects installations

Renovation projects affect these installations:

  • New storage, distribution, and water control systems.
  • Electrification, control, and telecoms updatings at home, for letting the current hyperconnected lifestyle be possible.
  • Coal-fired combustion replacement for clean, renewable, and sustainable energies.
  • Functional and decorative lighting systems updating in rooms, swimming pools, and gardens.
  • New uses for rooms: home cinema, TV and gaming rooms, spa and wellness, home gym, guests apartments…
  • Upgraded filter, disinfection, air conditioning, and swimming lighting systems renovations.
  • Support in water and electricity supply companies management.

    Consult us from your renovation project start. We will integrate reckoning, calculation, design, and project budget to your architecture or decoration project.

    At the renovation phase, our site crew will become true all installations reflected in your design, according to the client’s deadline and pace of construction.