Renovation projects

Nowadays, there is a great tendency to carry out renovation projects. Architectural and decorative preferences change depending on the tastes of each client or market trends, however a good location, or plot orientation are usually values that endure over time.

At PROINSERMANT we support you in your home renovation and rehabilitation projects, taking care of the calculation, design and installation on site of all the elements related to the technical and technological installations of the home.

Renovation project installations

Renovation projects affect the following installations:

    • New water storage, distribution and control systems.
    • Upgrading of electricity, control and telecommunications in the home to cater to today’s hyper-connected lifestyle.
    • Replacement of diesel and gas combustion technologies with cleaner, sustainable and renewable energies.
    • Upgrading of functional and decorative lighting systems in rooms, pools and gardens.
    • New uses for rooms: home cinema, TV and gaming rooms, spa and wellness, home gyms, guest apartments….
    • Upgrading of filtering, disinfection, heating and lighting systems for swimming pools.
    • Support in dealing with water and energy providers.

Consult us from the start of your renovation project. We will integrate the calculation, design and budget for installations into your architectural or decoration project.

During the renovation phase, our site crew will carry out all the installations specified in the design, always in accordance with the client’s deadline and pace of construction.