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El Paraíso Barronal

Geothermic energy and photovoltaic energy gain

Architect: Tobal Arquitectos
Project name: Paraíso Barronal
Title: Meditarrean Sea Breeze
Location: El Paraíso, Estepona (Málaga)
Built-up area: 1.822 m2
Project delivery: 2014

Paraíso Barronal comes from great environmental awareness from the self-build loan for whom Proinsermant has undertaken this work project. Aimed at aligning the home improvements with technologies that respect the environment, the advisory, reckoning, project, installation implementation, and maintenance.

Geothermic energy: hot water source, air conditioning, and swimming pool heating.

Photovoltaic energy harvesting for its self-consumption use.

Indoor, outdoor, gardens, and swimming pool lighting.

Outdoor and indoor swimming pool, spa area, with filtering installation and water disinfection together with lighting and jets.

The project continues to be supported by after-sales services and energy consulting.