Home cinema installation

At PROINSERMANT we make indoor and outdoor home cinema installation, gaming and multifunctional rooms’ installation, as well as audio installation available throughout the house, using hidden or easy integration with different architecture design speakers.

There are home cinema room projects, equipped with the most advanced acoustic and audiovisual technology, where the system is integrated into other rooms’ decoration through design or hiding.

During home cinema installation; hidden speakers or retractable projector screens hosted in the ceiling, wall, or furniture are integrated for making home cinema installation perfect.

The different system’s availability makes it possible to enjoy a tailored home cinema room in each project and let adaptation to every necessity:

  • Home cinema installation in barbecue areas and beach bars
  • Indoor and outdoor swimming pools
  • Possibility of incorporate simpler systems in every room in the house

Home cinema for anyone

Currently, creating your home cinema room is possible thanks to large screen TV availability, since it lets make home TV installations that can compete with some home cinema.

These TV formats possibilities also let outdoor and indoor installation, where use and elements resistance are required. Showing images in a high luminosity conditions capacity is also necessary.

If you need home cinema installation, feel free to contact us and we will clear up any doubts.