Passivhaus homes

PROINSERMANT has its own full team for the estimation of costs and planning, officially certified as Passivhaus Tradesperson.

Passivhaus homes or passive houses are a type of building made with high levels of bioclimatic architecture, achieving as a result energy savings of between 70% and 90% compared to a standard house.

Engineers specialized in planning and management of construction works, plumbers, electricians, air ducting staff, refrigerating engineers, are well trained in the design and production of Passivhaus homes process. Passivhaus philosophy is applied in their respective trades.


Benefits of passivhaus

Passivhaus homes provide a benefit for people’s health, as the construction of these houses includes aspects such as the calculation of the incidence of sunlight, the use of materials that improve asthma or muscular pain and the intelligent renewal of air throughout the house

That’s why a house built to Passivhaus standards is much healthier, smarter, more modern and more environmentally-friendly.