Plumbing installation

Plumbing installation is key in any building. It provides the comfort and hygiene needed in daily life.

However, a poorly executed plumbing installation can lead to various types of problems, such as germs, condensation or leaks with significant damage to furniture, floors, walls, ceilings and other household fixtures and fittings.


At PROINSERMANT we apply our knowledge as installers to carry out the best plumbing installation using the latest technologies in piping, processing and water control in your home or business. The aim of these installations is to ensure your comfort and avoid problems.

“Water intelligence”. We are official installers certified in PHYN device, artificial intelligence and connectivity applied in the control, use, and enjoyment of water.

PROINSERMANT is a member of AMAIN (installers and maintainers society in Málaga), supporting their initiatives as well as teaching our technical staff in their installations.