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Hotel Boutique El Pilar Andalucía


Architect: Luis Escarcena
Project name: Hotel Silken El Pilar Andalucía
Sales title: Hotel Boutique El Pilar
Location: Historical centre of Estepona, Plaza de las Flores
Constructed area: 3.000m2
Project delivery: 2021

At the heart of the historical centre of Estepona, on Plaza de las Flores square, stands the luxurious Hotel Boutique El Pilar Andalucía, managed by the Silken chain and built by Bsolis construction company. It has 36 bedrooms in an eclectic style that combines the most modern design with the characteristic elements of Andalusian architecture. PROINSERMANT Comfort Engineering was the company in charge of carrying out the hotel’s entire technical installation: from the lighting and electrical systems and plumbing to the bathrooms, spa, ventilation, air conditioning and heating and automation.

Hotel El Pilar has almost 3,000 square meters of facilities which include four restaurants, a spa and two function rooms. However, the comfort a hotel provides does not just depend on the facilities, restaurants or how comfortable the beds are. Technical installations that provide an internal beauty capable of providing guests with a welcoming experience are also of the utmost importance: the ability to easily adjust the temperature in the bedroom to personal taste, careful illumination, perfectly working bathrooms and spa…

A truly smart hotel thanks to the automation systems.

The hotel has a KNX automation control system installed by PROINSERMANT to control the lighting, ventilation, air conditioning and heating and flood sensors in the bathrooms. The system enhances the experience for the guests, who can enjoy the facilities and services much more to enhance a unique experience, while simplifying facility management and security and optimising energy consumption.

PROINSERMANT has created a digital interface for the staff of Hotel El Pilar, via which the functioning of the building’s rooms and common areas can be managed.

From the customer attention staff (who can cool or heat rooms ahead of the check in experience and adjust the lighting in the common areas in accordance with different atmospheres), to the technical and maintenance staff (who have digital sensors to avoid inadvertent flooding and remote access to parameters of the functioning of the machinery room), PROINSERMANT has developed a tool that provides benefits to the management and employees of the hotel, allowing them to carry out their respective tasks more comfortably.

For the automation installation, PROINSERMANT has employed the KNX System, using elements by Schneider Electric.

In short, the work done by PROINSERMANT will contribute to enabling Hotel Boutique El Pilar Andalucía to provide guests with a huge amount of services, comfort and a careful design to ensure that their stay exceeds all their expectations.