Excellence from
the first day

Our quality also comes during the process,
not just with the final result.

An in-depth project and constant communication with all the enterprises involved are processes that define us in the sector as a company capable of dealing with highly complicated projects, to the benefit of both clients and partners.

The success of an installation
always comes from good decision making.

With hundreds of engineering projects behind us we possess a certain know-how, allowing us to focus on each individual project with excellence.

The profound demands in the most relevant architectural studies makes it necessary to find a balance between comfort and aesthetics combined with technology, functionality and reliability of the installations. The result is a technical design of the highest level applied to the residential market:

Consultancy, register and analysis of energy consumption, equipment inspection, energy certification, analysis of electrical supply options and high efficiency alternatives: solar, aerothermal, geothermal, inverter climate control and lighting systems are all possible.

highest co-ordination
among architects, engineers and draughtsmen
Hundreds of choices but only one
is the best technical decision.

Engineering Projects

From the paper draft to the fulfillment of the latest regulations or energy certification, Proinsertmant is an ally to those professionals and individuals that want an installation to be simply perfect.

Proinsermant guarantees that each project is carried out with absolute accuracy, covering technical aspects, security, efficiency and professional certification requirements that the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism demands, thanks to our legal technical department.

a first magnitude project
whatever the scale
Experience is demanding.

Any product is best provided when it has already been done hundreds of times; not only because of speed, but also adaptability and the high level of attention to detail.

Proinsermant’s staff comprise engineers, programmers, audiovisual technicians, home automation experts, plumbers, electricians, and HVAC engineers that guarantee a faithful adherence to the original project.

The experienced co-ordination of our own staff optimizes work processes and provides an immediate answer to any necessary changes. These are collated by building-control engineers and incorporated in the project documentation, which is provided by our design department.

hundreds of professionals
one intermediary
Not all optimizations
are alike.
Energy Certification

Adaptation to regulations is no longer a bonus, but the base level. Beyond simple compliance, there are many details in the certification that may greatly change the project for the same building.

Our working processes allow us to be adept and to focus on details that really matter: a qualified certified technician will visit the building to calculate the energy comsumption per year and determine its certificate according to the criteria for hot water production, the heating, lighting, air conditioning and ventilation systems.

The project does not end here. Proinsermant offers the installation of the best insulation, energy-efficient reconditioning equipment, more efficient boilers, LED lighting, geothermal energy, good orientation and efficient materials. Everything is provided to implement the best energy certification project and economic betterment for our clients.

the best project is the one
that promotes client future savings
Where home customisation ends,
Proinsermant begins.

Truly innovative home automation is not just technology in the home anymore, but intuitive integrated comfort for those who live there.

In addition to comfort, we generate systems that are able to automate a house by adding services such as security, communication and financial savings. A new home experience controlled remotely.

Proinsermant only works with top furniture and technology companies so that your experience can be designed to the letter. Dare to dream. We can do it.

Home automation
a smart design to bring into line
comfort and functionality
A rule that was once
our innovation.
Energy control

Back in the 80’s Proinsermant introduced the automation of facilities and lighting systems in the Costa del Sol. It is clear that energy control is not just a service, but a major part of our company.

Given its importance, the conception of a project already involves these premises, both economic and ecological. The team of experts gathered in Proinsermant monitors, analyses and makes concrete suggestions for an immediate optimization.

Proinsermant is not only a specialist in engineering projects that achieve the highest levels of energy control, but offer reduced consumption without loss of functionality or aesthetic changes from the original concept.

environmental impact reduction
and immediate savings
A great installation
begins when it is complete.

The complexity of an installation cannot be in the hands of anybody. In addition to the appropriate repairs, if necessary, Proinsermant carries out a preventive visits policy so we can anticipate any discomfort to the client and give an immediate answer to all eventualities. A department dedicated daily to this end makes it possible.

We are very confident in the quality of our installation. We offer maintenance packs which provide a solution free of charge, even for more serious breakdowns.

After-sales service
365 days a year, 24 hours a day
is the basis of our service
Engineering executions
speak for themselves