We take care of what is not seen: the essence of a functional and sustainable home.

sustainable technical facilities

The true magic of a home goes beyond its aesthetics and the immediately noticeable technology. The technical facilities are the soul of the home, ensuring that every aspect of daily life unfolds smoothly, all the while protecting the environment. As leaders in creating smart and sustainable spaces in Marbella and the Costa del Sol, we invite you to discover how we make living in a home that goes beyond the conventional a reality.

Ikkil Bay: An Example of Excellence

Ikkil Bay, with its privileged seafront location, stands as the perfect example of how engineering and advanced technology come together to create exceptional homes. In a recent presentation of the building, our colleague Antonio Zaplana, head of the integration and Smart Home area, explained the outstanding work that PROINSERMANT has carried out on this project, which not only redefines luxury and comfort but also emphasizes our commitment to energy efficiency and sustainability.

The Importance of Technical Facilities

We regard technical facilities as the nervous system of any dwelling, essential for modern living. These systems are responsible for regulating temperature, supplying water, and optimizing energy consumption, turning the residence not just into a place of residence, but into a true home. At PROINSERMANT, we see these installations as basic infrastructures designed to optimize daily life, ensuring that every aspect of the home is intuitive, efficient, and above all, sustainable.
And a good engine room is, quite literally, the heart of the home. It’s here where all critical systems are housed and managed, from climate control and energy to water and home automation.
We design our engine rooms to be easily accessible for maintenance and inspection, ensuring that any adjustments or repairs can be made with minimal disruption to the residents.

Water, Energy, and Smart Home Integration: An Essential Trio


Efficient water management is a cornerstone of modern technical facilities. At PROINSERMANT, we apply advanced technologies to ensure that every drop of water is used optimally, from smart consumption solutions to greywater recycling and reuse systems.


Energy efficiency is another key aspect. By integrating renewable energy solutions and smart energy management systems, we ensure that the home uses less energy and contributes to a greener future.

Smart Home Integration

The integration of home automation transforms a house into a smart home. From lighting and climate control to security and entertainment, smart integration allows all systems to communicate with each other, offering an unprecedented level of comfort and control.

At PROINSERMANT, we care not only about what is visible but also about what is not. With a team passionate about innovation, we dedicate ourselves to creating solutions that not only meet your current needs but also take care of our planet for future generations.

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