PROINSERMANT spearheads the energy revolution on the Costa del Sol with the installation of Tesla Powerwall

Tesla Powerwall

Marbella-based engineering firm PROINSERMANT unveiled the Tesla Powerwall, a solar energy storage system heralding a new era for the energy sector on the Costa del Sol. The unveiling, held at the Alanda Marbella Hotel, saw the attendance of prominent figures from the worlds of architecture, real estate development, and construction.

A major challenge with photovoltaic systems has been the inability to utilise surplus energy generated on particularly sunny days with low household consumption. Powerwall addresses this issue by storing excess energy for use overnight or on cloudy days.

The Powerwall, featuring a 13.5 kWh rechargeable battery, allows users to capture and store solar energy throughout the day for later use, potentially covering between 70 and 90% of the energy needs of a home or small business, depending on consumption levels.

The Powerwall does more than just store energy; it can also detect power outages and become a home’s primary energy source if the grid goes down.

Powerwall enables a significant reduction in dependence on the electrical grid, “which not only has economic implications for end-users but also long-term environmental benefits,” highlighted the Residential Offer EMEA Program Manager from Tesla Energy, during the event.

Tesla Powerwall saves money and the planet

With over 40 years of experience “providing comfort solutions to the housing sector, particularly in the high-end market,” said Carlos Sepúlveda, CEO of PROINSERMANT. “Now, as certified installers of Tesla Powerwall, we continue to guarantee the success of our projects and the satisfaction of our clients,” Sepúlveda concluded.

“The introduction of Powerwall on the Costa del Sol reflects our commitment to being at the forefront of adopting new technologies that can enhance our clients’ quality of life and reduce their environmental impact,” pondered Antonio Zaplana, Director of System Integration Department at PROINSERMANT, during the event.

The Powerwall system aligns with current trends in housing design: “In a world where sustainability is becoming the new standard, Powerwall offers a solution that perfectly complements this vision,” Zaplana remarked. Moreover, by integrating energy storage systems like Powerwall into projects, “we optimise energy consumption while simultaneously increasing property value,” he added.

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