APP Pro with iPad2

A new step more in the home’s customizing

PROINSERMANT after-sales department had a meeting at Apple Store to pickup new tools. They’re key for after-sales services which are always ready foroffering a solution when a new contingency occurs.

On this occasion, the new incorporation consists of a pack of iPad Air2 that letsthem perform their duties in perfect coordination. Especially, it emphasizes thepower of counting on with its own PRO technical support app, which reflects inan improvement in equipped homes with PROINSERMANT owners care andservice delivery.

One of the most revolutionary products of the Apple brand, adds to the previousone the efficient and handy size combined to the lightweight, in addition to thehigh-speed connection capacity. Together with this, it also offers the possibilityto share locations, have books with technical information, photographs, andspare parts videos.

All of this lets the PROINSERMANT after-sales department develop its workwith more comfort and efficiency and, henceforth, improve the services providedto our customers.

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