International Property Awards

PROINSERMANT, the event key actor

PROINSERMANT direct work with DRUMELIA REAL ESTATE has beenawarded in the prestigious International Property Awards. Specifically, theaward given to the real estate was the prize to The Best Residential Property inEurope for Villa Arcadio (G-22).

Located in La Zagaleta, of the most exclusive, beauty and sophisticated areasin southern Spain, Villa Arcadio (G-22) stands out for being an ultramodernarchitectonical jewel composed of 6 rooms. Truly luxury itself.

Once again, PROINSERMANT collaborates for a contemporary style result thatknows how to integrates the aesthetic aspect with the comfort. All of it, usingminimalism as the main feature of the building and basing its elegance on thecombination of different architectonical details.

This way, Villa Arcadio (G-22) stands as the most significant residentialconstruction Project in Europe 2016. This is witnessed by the InternationalProperty Awards that awards the excellency of the highest level companiesdedicated to property development. Together with it, establishes and shares aninternational standard.

The event has been celebrated in London, which has hosted the bestarchitecture and interior design professionals together with real estate CEOfrom around the world.

Eighty professionals from different sector fields, all of them workingindependently and with a long and successful experience, have beenresponsible for value the design, quality, service, innovation, originality, andcompromise with sustainability and environment. The jury has been headed bythe members of the House of Lords at the British Parliament.

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