The leading company in Comfort Engineering for luxury villas increases its participation in AMAIM and APIEMA, becoming a collaborating partner.

PROINSERMANT is looking for qualified professionals who can be trained through scholarship courses in the associations.

After years of support as an Installation Partner, PROINSERMANT Ingeniería del Confort increases its commitment to professional associations in the installation sector in Malaga. In this way, PROINSERMANT now becomes a Collaborating Partner of the Malaga Association of Installers and Maintainers (AMAIM) and the Professional Association of Electrical Installers of Malaga (APIEMA).

As a collaborating partner, the company aims to increase support for the activities of the associations, while at the same time encouraging actions that show the public the importance of the sector as a guarantee of safety, an economic engine and a source of employment in the province.

The need to modernise energy technologies towards others that are much more efficient and environmentally friendly demands a large number of professionals in the sector, which should publicise its attractiveness and the incentives involved in being an active part of it, as well as taking advantage of any initiative related to the incorporation of women in a sector where they have traditionally had less presence than men.

PROINSERMANT aims to transmit to the general public and to young people in particular that “the installations sector is dynamic, diverse and has great potential for personal and professional development, making it a really valid option for work. In addition, at PROINSERMANT we take great care of the working conditions of our staff, making it an ideal company to develop”, explains the CEO, Carlos Sepúlveda.

By means of the figure of collaborating partner, PROINSERMANT intends to extend the cooperation with AMAIM and APIEMA both for the training of workers who can carry out internships and become future employees of the company, and to continue sending active workers to expand their knowledge and qualifications.

PROINSERMANT Ingeniería del Confort, with 40 years of experience, designs, installs and maintains technical installations in the most prestigious high-end villas on the Costa del Sol. In its trajectory it has been the company that has integrally carried out the technical installations of 90% of the high-end villas that have been built in areas such as Sierra Blanca or La Zagaleta.

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