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PROINSERMANT, with 40 years of experience, has carried out the technical installations at the vast majority of the high-end villas on the Costa del Sol and in Sotogrande.

The Costa del Sol in Málaga is home to some of the most exclusive residential complexes in the world, such as  La Zagaleta, Sierra Blanca, Marbella Club Golf and Finca Cortesín. In the Campo de Gibraltar, Sotogrande stands out for its tranquillity and proximity to the Rock, which also gives it unique characteristics.

Villas of large dimensions, gardens that blend in with nature and which usually stand out for their exterior beauty. But their exclusivity is even greater thanks to their interior beauty, to the technical installations that allow their inhabitants to enjoy a level of comfort that is available to very few.

What makes a villa in Marbella cost more than 20 million euros? The skill of the architect who designs it, the location and cost of the land on which it is built and the materials used to build it, certainly, but also, without a doubt, the comfort and quality of life that the installations offer the inhabitants in villas of these characteristics.

PROINSERMANT Comfort Engineering, with 40 years of experience, is behind the technical installations in the luxury villas on the Costa del Sol. It is the company that has created all the technical installations for 90% of the high-end villas that have been built in these prestigious areas.

There is nothing more exclusive than tailor-made solutions, which is why these villas have a maximum level of customisation and control. PROINSERMANT takes care of individualising everything from a simple tap to the supply, storage and distribution of water. From the air conditioning and heating to the installations for the advanced control of domestic management, from a simple socket or switch, to the generation of renewable energy for self-consumption.  All striving for maximum comfort in the home.

Security and privacy, a common denominator of luxury villas

Top executives, sports, film and television stars, technology company founders and executives gather in these exclusive developments which, in addition to luxury, have a common denominator: security and privacy.

Customised anti-intrusion systems, motion detectors, CCTV, cybersecurity or emergency scenarios. In short, cutting-edge technologies allow these systems to be of maximum efficiency and effectiveness. PROINSERMANT also has the necessary experience and specialised teams to develop and implement security projects for these luxury villas.

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In a similar manner, luxury villas are also becoming more sustainable and are now incorporating systems to generate their own renewable energy or energy efficient systems for storage, lighting, home heating and air conditioning and swimming pools. This achieves significant energy savings, minimising the impact of domestic and leisure activities and contributing to the development of a sustainable lifestyle for users

The ultimate goal of all these types of technical installations is to enable the people who live in the home to fully enjoy it and be comfortable, to provide quality of life. At the end of the day, the inhabitants will not be able to enjoy spacious rooms, exquisite design and the best equipment in the same way without the interior beauty that PROINSERMANT installations provide. Something that sometimes goes unnoticed but is of great importance to the residents.

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