PROINSERMANT gots the certificate of the specialized installer of Ajax wireless security system

Certificado Ajax Systems

Having 40 years of successful career path being liable of technical installations of the best high range villages in Marbella, Sotogrande, and surroundings is not lucked into occurring. At PROINSERMANT, we are constantly innovating, trying to improve, and access the latest technologies to offering our customers the best products and services.This is proven by the professional certificate got by PROINSERMANT, comfort engineering of Ajax, the most awarded in Europe wireless security system.

Ajax is an intelligent and reliable security system with the capacity of not only being in direct contact with an alarm central but also let detect fires, stop flooding, or other problems that may occur in your home.The security system may not fail. Not only the property security but also the people’s lives may depend on the correct functioning of the security system. With risks that high,every aspect of system efficiency is important: that the equipment was trustworthy, that the integrity was important, that the installation and configuration had the place details and subtleties. Exclude at least just one element listed above and safety would be an illusion.

Specialized installers in Ajax security system

For that, Ajax takes care a lot about who installs their products and at PROINSERMANT we are proud to have achieved this certificate of Ajax security system specialized installer.Even though the modern wireless security system looks simple, their installation impliesa series of mandatory steps: location analysis, high-frequency radio signals testing, development of a positioning device plan, equipment installation and detecting areas testing, configuration and testing system, connectivity to the alarm center, delivery the protected building to the customer with the corresponding document. Only a PRO, a professional installer engineer, as we are in PROINSERMANT, can perform all of theseactivities fast and correctly.

A certified installer has experience in identifying with precision the vulnerabilities of the area and understands what kind of protection would work for it. A professional is based on specialized standards requirements, standards, and industry methods. And has a good knowledge of the security system. Is the PRO who transforms the independent devices into a reliable, stable, and efficient system.

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