Smart Homes: sustainability, comfort and job opportunities

Smart Homes oportunidades empleo

The Smart Homes Sector is creating new job opportunities

Technology advances at a rapid pace, we all carry a smartphone that keeps us connected to the world and also allows us to control other devices from anywhere in the world and at any time.The Smart Homes Sector is creating new job opportunities.

These concepts: smart, interconnection of devices and remote control have also reached our home for years through home automation, installations that have been advancing at the same pace as technology has done until reaching Smart Homes.

Smart Home, a concept that at PROINSERMANT we are specialists, is a completely connected home to make our lives easier. Home automation is the cause of everything that, although we do not see it, works in our home.

Smart Homes provide us with countless advantages, comfort, security and sustainability are some of the most important. A home that allows parameters such as lighting, air conditioning, sound, garden irrigation, cameras or security sensors to be controlled from an APP will be a more comfortable, more sustainable home because it will efficiently manage resources and safer because it will automatically notify any incident.

The rise of smart homes is also generating new high-paying job opportunities for specialized professionals with experience in the installation and maintenance of home automation devices.

Some of the most sought-after profiles in the Smart Home sector are electronic engineers, installation technicians, software programmers and developers, electricians, network technicians or home automation consultants.

If you are one of these professionals and want to be part of PROINSERMANT, Comfort Engineering, a company with more than 40 years of experience in the execution of technical installations and a leader in home automation systems, contact our human resources department.

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