5 benefits of having a Smart Home


The future is here. Decades ago, when we thought about the homes of the future, we imagined something similar to what we now have available.  Home automation is a reality that improves quality of life. Who wouldn’t like to control the lighting, temperature or security from anywhere in the world with nothing more than a mobile phone? All of this is possible with Smart Homes.

PROINSERMANT is the leading company in the sector on the  Costa del Sol, with 40 years of experience providing services to their clients, making their lives easier by means of comfort engineering. Our company works on new developments and is also able to transform an existing property into a Smart Home. Are you aware of the benefits of having a Smart Home?

Energy efficiency

Through the intelligent air conditioning and lighting systems PROINSERMANT uses you will achieve great energy savings, making your home a sustainable one. In addition, you will be able to control the amount of light that can enter to maintain an optimum temperature.


When we are away from home, we often feel uneasy and worry that someone might break in or that an accident might happen. PROINSERMANT, together with Ajax Systems, puts a guaranteed end to that. With a smart home these problems are a thing of the past. Through presence simulation, lights will be switched on and off and blinds will be raised and lowered, deterring possible intruders. By limiting the power consumption of a Smart Home, you can also reduce the risk of overload and electrical accidents to a minimum.

Accident prevention

Smoke detectors can be used to immediately prevent possible oversights such as leaving a stove on. It will cut off the gas or electricity supplies to eliminate the danger. This is just one example of how a Smart Home can make our lives easier and safer.

Unrivalled ambience

With PROINSERMANT’s intelligent, dimmable lighting systems, you can create the ideal ambience for every possible situation. Whether for reading, watching TV, dining… Every moment requires the right lighting for maximum enjoyment.

Say goodbye to remote controls

With a Smart Home you can forget about remote controls. Everything is controlled from your mobile phone. Every little detail can be adjusted from wherever you happen to be.

This is all possible with PROINSERMANT. Ask about our solutions for your Smart Home. Our team will advise you and install the best systems to turn your house into a home of the future.

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