Home automation and smart home

Simple control of the whole house or building through home automation installation. Combine all home automation features in intuitive interfaces and devices. Create lighting scenarios, blinds, curtains, music, and audio-visuals combined with presence and occupancy sensors, calendars, or weather information.

Home automation projects

We provide you with a world of possibilities available for your home automation project.

Interconnection and interoperability of different installations in the home through home automation installation, both among themselves and with other external data sources including voice assistants such as Siri, Alexa and Google Dot, opens up many possibilities in home automation focused on comfort, security, and entertainment.

Enjoy them all, not just individually, but also programmed to work in unison like a great orchestra.

Spectacular light, pool, fountain and audio-visual experiences are brought to the home and boutique business through these technologies.

Home automation installation

In line with PROINSERMANT’s philosophy, we offer a comprehensive home automation installation service tailored to the project.

We manage everything from functionality consultancy with the customers or final users to the calculation, selection, and programming of home automation devices.

We also take care of on-site installation, implementation, and final adjustment, in addition to the knowledge, design and installation of the functional systems that will be controlled by home automation systems.

Tailor-made solutions for each project, from IoT applications to private systems without Cloud access by third parties.

If the performance of any system or device of the home automation installation is interrupted or reduced due to any incident, our Technical Support Service is available to assist you both remotely and in person.