Home automation and smart home

Simple control of the whole house or building through home automation installation. Keep all home automation capacities in intuitive interfaces and devices. Make lighting scenarios, blinds, curtains, music, and audiovisuals combined with occupancy sensors, calendars, or weather information.

Home automation projects

We provide you a universe of possibilities available for your home automation project.

Interconnection and interoperability of different home installations through home automation installation, equally between them and with some other external data sources. Having voice assistants such as Siri, Alexa, and Google Dot included, opens many possibilities in home automation focus on comfort, safety, and entertainment.

Enjoy all of them, not just in an individual way, but organized through programming for working at the same time as an orchestra.

Spectacular experiences of lighting, swimming pools, fountains, and audiovisuals arrive at home and boutique companies thanks to these technologies.

Home automation installation

Consistent with PROINSERMANT philosophy, we offer an integral service of home automation installation in buildings adapted to the project.

We manage functionality consultancy with the customers or final users to reckoning, picking, and programming home automation devices.

Also, we are in charge of work installations, implementation, and final adjustment, adding the knowledge, design, and installation of the functional system which will be controlled by home automation systems.

Tailored solutions to each project, from IoT applications to private systems without Cloud third-party access.

If some systems or devices’ performance stops or decreases due to a failure, our Technical Assistance Service is available for attending to you remotely or in person.