Diario Sur interviews Brígido Sepúlveda, founder of Proinsermant

The leading newspaper in the Málaga press, Diario Sur, has published a reference to PROINSERMANT Comfort Engineering and the fact that this year marks the 40th anniversary of the company in its weekly supplement Empresas del Sur. (Read the full article here)

Specifically, Diario Sur has focused on the founder, Mr. Brígido Sepúlveda Crespo, who through the lines published in this newspaper, in both its digital and paper versions, recalls his origins, his games with his brother in the fields of the province of Córdoba and his early days working for an American company, Intec, where he evolved professionally to end up coming to Marbella and later founding PROINSERMANT.

In his comments to Empresas del Sur, Brígido Sepúlveda also explains the secret of PROINSERMANT’s success: engineering work applied to the home with a personalised service, something on which the founder places special emphasis: “The value of a brand and a company is the service, the ability to attend to our customers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, whenever needed. We try to fulfil the customer’s expectations from the very beginning,” Sepúlveda stresses.

Home automation also occupies a few lines in this feature as the main focus of the present for PROINSERMANT. The article explains that this system brings together all the technologies aimed at smart home control and automation, such as lighting control or garden irrigation, among others. “This way the system notifies us, rather than the customer,” he concludes, detailing some of the benefits.

Diario Sur’s article reviews the professional biography of Mr. Brígido Sepúlveda, undoubtedly marked by the curiosity and self-education that has driven PROINSERMANT to the level of quality, service and professionalism that it has been offering architects, builders and final owners for the last 40 years.

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