PROINSERMANT marks its 40 anniversary

In these years of career, PROINSERMANT has in its asset being thecompany thathas created the technical installations of more than the 90% ofmost prestigious Marbella neighborhoods and surroundings.

Water, energy, and its integration in Smart Home and traditional ones. With this sentence, we could sum up the engineering service that the company from Marbella, PROINSERMANT, has been developing since its creation in 1981 by theentrepreneur Brígido Sepúlveda and this year marks its 40º anniversary.In these years of successful business history, PROINSERMANT has managed to consolidate itself as one of the reference companies in Marbella and the Costa del Sol, and even nationally, in the full spectrum of technical housing installations during all stages of the Project life.
Thus, for architecture studios, promoters and individuals, PROINSERMANT identifies and implements the necessary systems for each project: supply, energy and water management, air conditioning, Smart Home, swimming pools, and spas.

With its own staff of 180 people, including different specialties engineers, assembly technicians, and after-sales service. It is PROINSERMANT’s own staff who makes the installations planned in the engineering department.

An integral service according to the high range villages level

The company founder, Brígido Sepúlveda, highlights that from the beginning he had clear in his mind how the correct approach will be: design, install and maintain comfort facilities in luxury villages, based on quality and service. The great vocation of service he has perfectly managed to transmit to his entire team has made the sector consider Brígido as a beautiful person and a great professional and PROINSERMANT, as one of the reference companies in technical installations in luxury villages.

PROINSERMANT has in its asset being the company that has created all the technical installations of 90% of the high range villages that have been built in areas with La Zagaleta or Sierra Blanca level, in Marbella, collaborating with promoters, architecture studios, and construction companies that have made these urban developments, world references in residential tourism.

In addition, Brígido Sepúlveda created his own Research and Development division to put into practice the numerous developed equipment and conceived to improve its facilities, which would later become the Smart Home department, focused on improvingthe quality of life, safety, and the enjoyment of the home, providing users with the tranquility of knowing that they can produce and accumulate their own renewable energy, as well as efficient energy systems are used for lighting and air conditioning the home and swimming pools.

At present, to this is added the possibility of integrating the control of all the facilities implemented by PROINSERMANT, optimizing their functioning and thus achieving significant energy savings, minimizing the impact of domestic and recreational activities, helping to develop a. sustainable lifestyle for its users.

In 2005, and once again showing off his vision and anticipation, he decided to hand off the baton to his only son, Carlos Sepúlveda as CEO, and to Roque Justicia as managing director, both accompanied by a professionalized management team that has known how to modernize the project, adapting it to the new times.

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