Home Office

Home Office

Digital workstations, control rooms and remote meetings… Take care of business from the comfort of a home office.

At PROINSERMANT we create your home office by making secure telecommunications and network installations for connection to corporate servers, large format touchscreens equipped with videoconferencing equipment, screen and document sharing on which to work as if the team were seated at a meeting table.

Have multiple business indicators at a glance on digital dashboards, on one or multiple screens with multiple sources of information, whether corporate or external, in your home office.

The functionalities of the home office workstations described above are also applicable to remote training sessions for the whole family.

Home gaming

Home Gaming, or adaption of a room in the house for videogame sessions.

Suitable lighting, colour and intensity, adjustable by hand or automatically, help create a home gaming setting to turn gaming sessions into an almost real experience.

Power and network sockets integrated into furniture, or hidden racks in which to install game consoles and other hardware in a practical and organised way to create your home gaming setting.

Home wellness

Installation of screens in home gyms with streaming connectivity for attending group classes, or videoconference capacity for private training sessions.

Audio-visual systems adapted to indoor swimming pools and wellness areas for enjoying every moment.

Our staff has certified training in control systems, audio, video, and data broadcasting in these systems:

  • KNX Advanced
  • Crestron
  • Dante Audio & video IP distribution
  • Schneider EcoXpert Residential