Home Office

Home Office

Digital workstations, control rooms, and remote meetings… Attend your business with the comfort of a home office.

At PROINSERMANT, we make your home office doing telecommunication installations and safe networks for connecting with corporate hosting, big-sized touchscreens equipped with videoconference devices, shared screens, and documents to work on as the staff was seated at a meeting table.

Have multiple visible business indicators at the digital dashboard, in one or multiple screens with many information sources, corporate or external at your home office.

Already described home office work team functionalities can also be applied in remote training sessions for the whole family.

Gaming house

Gaming home or an adaptation of house’s room for videogame sessions.

Adequate lighting, color, and intensity manually or automatically adjustable help creating a gaming house, making videogame sessions something real.

Power supply and integrated network availability hidden in furniture, hidden racks for installing videogames consoles, and the rest of the hardware in an organized and practical way for creating your gaming house.

Wellness house

Screens installation in home gyms with streaming connectivity for attending group lessons, or videoconference capacity for private training sessions.

Audiovisual systems adapted to indoor swimming pools and wellness arenas for enjoying every moment.

Our staff has certified training in control systems, audio, video, and data broadcasting in these systems:

  • KNX Advanced
  • Crestron
  • Dante Audio & video IP distribution
  • Schneider EcoXpert Residencial