Lighting control

Lighting control is part of an electrified and digital society that advances more and more in this direction.

Electrical installations and lighting control are a key part of house safety and function.

Lighting is the most visible part of installations, serving different purposes equally practical and decorative.

Custom lighting

From simple traditional control to the most advanced lighting control, at PROINSERMANT we make custom lighting projects in works and reforms. 

With a low voltage electrotechnical framework as a reference, we design and install the wiring and necessary electrical panels, as well as the most adequated lighting for every purpose: indoor, home cinema and gaming rooms, facades, swimming pools, and gardens.

Smart lighting control

In projects with the most advanced digital control, our programming and installation staff, organize work in coordination with the site crew so that once the building is prepared, already programmed, and configured most sensible electronic elements are transferred from our studio to its installation.

Our company has been awarded the Oficial Schneider EcoXpert certified.

PROINSERMANT is a member of Málaga APIEMA (professional association of electrical installers), supporting their initiatives as well as teaching our technical staff in their installations.