Property transactions

We collaborate with your business facilitating the implementation and transparency in property transactions.

We know trading requires a lot of effort and attention, comes at a cost, meeting each possible detail.

That’s why we don’t want that a malfunction, failure, or hidden surprises in the course of the installation causes a claim or affects the property transaction. Ruining the real estate broker’s reputation is something to avoid as well. 

It’s not just “location, location, location”, size or architecture… Whereas those are the main factors in a building price during a property transaction, it’s possible to deepen in its technical features and working order.

Property transactions technical reports

Through our buildings evaluation technical reports, you will get information about typology, current status, potential emerging needs, or potential breakdowns.

We certify the building installation status during the property transaction using a document that can be annexed to the purchase agreement.

From the buyer’s perspective, these technical reports made by our engineers add a high level of trust by providing information that would be impossible to get without using the building as an inhabitant for a long period. At least one year with its complete seasonal cycle would be needed.

This trust generated by one external professional contributes to each part’s tranquility and property transactions success.