Property transactions

We collaborate with your business by facilitating the execution and transparency of real estate transactions.

We know that every sale takes a lot of effort, cost and dedication, and that attention is paid to every possible detail.

That’s why we don’t want a malfunction, fault or hidden surprise in the facilities to cause a complaint, affect real estate sales operations or even damage the real estate agent’s reputation.

It’s not just “location, location, location”, size or architecture… Although these are the determining factors in the price of a property in a real estate transaction, it’s possible to go even deeper and delve into the technical features and working order.

Property transactions technical reports

With our technical reports for the evaluation of installations you will obtain information about the typology, current state, potential emerging needs for improvement or potential faults.

We certify the building installation status during the property transaction using a document that can be annexed to the purchase agreement.

From the buyer’s point of view, these technical reports by our engineers provide a high degree of confidence by providing information that would be impossible to obtain without actually living in the property for a relatively long period of time, at least one year with its full seasonal cycle.

This confidence generated by an external professional contributes to the parties’ peace of mind and to the success of real estate transactions.